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  A Southern Country Novel Series
Mystery Thriller
HV New Cover

Josephine Preston was released and sent home from a mental institution. She has only vague memories of why she had been committed. Circumstances beyond her control will cause those memories to surface, one by one.
A tragedy, brought on by deceit, leaves her heartbroken and rejected. She is sent away to live with some rather peculiar relatives. Her fear of being institutionalized again has her desperate to keep her past hidden, but how long can she keep it a secret from her new relatives when her imagination begins playing tricks on her... or is it? A voice from her past resurfaces and the man who wants her secret to die with her.
     This is a story about a teenage girl's heartbreak, rejection, fear, faith, and determination.
     Happy Valley is the first in the series of A Southern Country Novel.

     "This book was hilarious. I laughed out loud and had tears running down my cheeks. I'm sure everyone on the train during my commute to and from work thought I had lost my mind."  Wilma


MG New Cover

When Josephine Preston Lane was nineteen, she left home thinking that was the answer to her problem, but now, four years later, she must return and who she has to face is the least of her problems. For Jo to protect her family, she must keep all she has discovered five months ago a secret. She has little time to prepare for her great escape before her worst nightmare catches up with her. She can’t afford to trust anyone, as her life truly depends on it. Not the police or the FBI.

Mississippi Gambler is the second in the series of A Southern Country Novel.


"This is a great book. Love the characters; love the setting of the story.this book is very easy to read and very hard to put down. Can't wait for the next book in this series. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!"  SuSu


An Entering Southern Country Novel Trilogy
Mystery Thriller
FiaST New Cover

The quiet town of Cypress, Mississippi is turned upside down when a former citizen, Raven Sawyer, returns for a funeral. Raven’s fictional novel goes viral when the town folk realize that she’s the author, and soon they’re thinking that her book is not fiction but truth. Every little dirty detail is revealed in her book and has the people of Cypress wagging their tongues and shaking their heads at a few of the upper-class citizens and—the Sheriff.
     All Raven wants is to get through the funeral and go back to New York, but Sheriff Cal Rayburn can’t allow her to leave after she discovers and turns over evidence that may be connected to a double homicide that he’s investigating. At least, that’s the excuse he’s giving her, and he’ll go to any length to keep her in Cypress until he can make her believe the affair, that she thinks he had six years ago, never happened.
     When more dead bodies turn up, Cal feels they’re connected to the double homicide, but with the evidence he has, he can’t make a connection. He’s left with more questions than answers. He’s told that Raven’s novel may have answers to questions that could help with his investigation, but what it reveals is more than what he wants to know.
     Famous in a Small Town is book one of An Entering Southern Country Novel trilogy. It has murder, lies, fiction, and truth—and more twists and turns than the back roads of northwestern Mississippi. Enter at your own risk.


      "I thought I had it all figured out, but then a twist......again, thought I had it.......nope. Picked this book as a lazy summer read but ended up staying up too late, putting off chores, and ordering out so I didn't have to put it down. Can't wait to read more from this author!" C LZ
GiaST New Cover 
      The folks of Cypress, Mississippi are unnerved when the ghost of Avery Carson appears not long after her car is found abandoned on Crow River Bridge. Laurel County Sheriff Cal Rayburn and his deputies set out to find the missing woman’s body, but what they discover is the woman’s sister is missing too. What could have happened to the sisters to persuade them to take their own lives? Or did they? As evidence is collected, doubts arise concerning the sisters’ demise. Was the sheriff’s department investigating a double suicide or a double homicide?
     Deputy Travis Velardi is new to the sheriff’s department. He has moved on with his life after a bad relationship a year ago. Determined not to be deceived again, Travis keeps a tight lock on his heart. Mara Soriano unintentionally picks that lock and turns Travis’ life upside down, but Mara has no intention of starting a relationship with anyone, especially Travis.
     The sheriff assigns Deputy Velardi second in charge on the case. With Mara on his mind, Avery Carson’s ghost wreaking havoc in town, and the investigation leading him in every direction, he’s uncertain that he’s the man for the job.
     To what end will one go for fame and fortune?
     What mystery does the shallow grave in the woods hold?
     Who is the mysterious woman in the cabin by the lake?
     Just when Travis thinks he has it figured out, he’s led down another dead-end road.
     Ghost in a Small Town is the second in the trilogy of An Entering Southern Country Novel. It’s a story about lies, corruption, and murder.


     "This is the second of Ms. Anderson's book I have read, and I am sure it won't be the last. Ghost in a Small Town is well-written, filled with unexpected twists and turns and a good measure of humor along the way. In the space of a couple of pages you will find yourself laughing at some pretty humorous characters, then gripping the edge of the table and holding your breath to see how a scene is going to play out." C Lewis
Mystery Thriller
FR New Cover
     Rose Daniels is ready for a change. Her decision to divorce after twelve years of a failed marriage gives her a short moment of hope for her and her son's future, but Mother Nature throws a wrench in her plans and so does the Hughes County Sheriff when he arrests her for the murder of a local woman. She's lost so much already, but she could lose more... her son and her life.
     "When the right playwrite finally gets his/her hands on this book we will have a very entertaining book to film, very much along the lines of a John Grisham novel movie." ~ M. Accardi After twelve years of a bad marriage, Rose Daniels makes the decision to get her life back. A decision that she will be second guessing after Mother Nature does a number on her, and the murder of a local woman has Rose’s small hometown eyeing her as the suspect. Rose isn’t the prime suspect, she’s the only suspect. Only her faith can save her, but to find that faith, layer upon layer of who she has become will have to be peeled away. With what she’s up against, it would be so much easier to give up, but giving up would be costly. It would cost her, her son and her life.


     "Faded Rose is a great book and fast read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is well written and the story keeps you reading and interested. I give this book a big Thumbs Up!" S McDaniel
RW New Cover
      The latest attack on Thera Logan's life wasn’t the first one and won’t be the last. Someone wants her dead, but until she realizes that these attacks aren’t just random acts of violence or mere coincidences, she leaves herself wide-open.
     After her divorce from Nolan Logan, she decides to move from Seattle, Washington back to her hometown of Tahlequah, Oklahoma to live with her father and try to start a new life. She is surprised to find her old childhood sweetheart, Caleb Sutherland, has moved back home too.
     Old sparks fly until Caleb starts asking too many questions, and then the mystery surrounding Caleb’s return coinciding with hers draws her suspicion. Caleb is determined to get answers to pertinent questions that he feels only Thera can answer, and he’ll go to any length to get them . . . even deception.
     He’s not the only one asking too many questions. Her ex-husband pops in for unexpected visits, wants to reconcile, and is being far too inquisitive.
     Confusion fogs Thera’s world. What does Caleb really want? Why the sudden interest from Nolan? And who is stalking her? What does she possess that is more important to someone than her own life?
     Her fears and suspicions of Caleb and Nolan’s annoying persistence to reconcile put her into flight mode, but fleeing will only set into motion a deadly rollercoaster ride leading up to an event that leaves her totally helpless. Her only way back is to remember when.


      "What a great novel! I loved it from the first page to the last. A very well written book. I definitely recommend it. Diana deserves 5 stars for Remember When." J Cook
  Holiday Romance  
AVC New Cover

Vanilla Lillian Carver has had her share of disappointment and heartbreak, from a high school heart throb, to a broken engagement, and then being left at the altar. She’s made up her mind, she’s through with love. Well, that was her plan until the love of her life returns after disappearing twelve years earlier without even saying goodbye. Can she trust him again? Her heart says yes, but common sense says run in the other direction, because there are too many unanswered questions that she’s afraid to ask. Poor Lily! She’s running in circles.


"This was a well-written and sweet love story. The characters were believable and well-developed. I look forward to reading other books by this author." C Brewer       


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